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 Terms and Conditions


We ship most orders via FedEx with Ship Your Reptiles or Reptiles 2 You. We charge a fix rate of $60 shipping. Multiple orders may be qualified free shipping. We only ship Monday through Wednesdays. Shipping is weather dependent of a daytime high below 85 and a nighttime low of above 40. Gecko’s safety comes first. We hold the right to request shipping to a hub for pickup if necessary. 


Live Arrival Guaranteed

We offer 7 days health guarantee on the animals. Someone must be present at the designated shipping address for the FIRST delivery attempt. You must notify me within 1 hour of the animal’s arrival. If no one is present at the designated shipping address at the designated delivery time or you did not notify us when the animal has arrived, the live arrival guarantee is void. Unfortunately, we cannot be held responsible for any sort of damages incurred as a result of an incorrect address or delays on the behalf of the carrier. Unboxing video is also required for a DOA refund. 


Gecko Tails

We do not offer a guarantee on gecko tails during shipping. Geckos dropping their tail is a completely natural process and does not harm or devalue the animal at all. Tail drops during shipping are very rare but can happen.


Sexing Policy / Pore Sexing

If the gecko is stated as definitively male or female are guaranteed to be said sex. Geckos under 20g will be pore sexed. This is NOT A GUARANTEE of the eventual sex of the gecko. Pore sexed will be listed as the following:

  • NPV: No Pores Visible (No pore visible at the time)

  • PPV: Possible Pores Visible (Possible pore or possible pseudo pore or no pore)

  • PV: Pore Visible (Visible pore or visible pseudo pore)


Payment Methods

PayPal and Zelle are the only payment options we offer at the moment. All payments must clear before any shipments will be scheduled. For Payment Plans, we require a 50% of the gecko value Non-Refundable Deposit to hold the gecko. You then have 60 days to pay the remaining balance and shipping cost of the purchase. If full payment balance is not received within the 60 days, we will refund all payments aside from the Non-Refundable Deposit of 50% of the gecko value. 



Unfortunately shipping geckos in a short period of time will cause excessive stress to the gecko. Therefore, we DO NOT offer gecko returns unless it’s health related issue.

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